I’ve been a visual arts major for over 10 years.

    My main passion is drawing, and I enjoy painting, painting, and drawing, too.

    As a college student, I wanted to learn how to make my own art, but I was afraid to be the only one who did it.

    That’s when I discovered the amazing Japanese art scene.

    It’s been an absolute blessing, and the people and things that I love most in Japan have made me a better person.

    So I’ve decided to take my love of visual art and try to share it with others.

    The journey of being an artist in the digital age was a lot of hard work and a lot was about me wanting to see the world a bit differently, and a bit more.

    So what’s it like to be an artist at the University of Tokyo?

    What’s your process like?

    In a nutshell, it’s a really busy time.

    The university has a lot going on, and so there’s a lot to keep track of.

    I’m pretty much on schedule, but there’s still a lot more I want to learn.

    I work in visual arts, which is really important to me.

    I feel like I’m a part of something that’s bigger than myself.

    And if I want something to come true, I have to have it.

    If you’re new to visual art, you might be wondering how to get started.

    The best way to start is to look at some art galleries and see what’s new, but if you want to see something more in depth, I recommend going to a museum, or to an art fair.

    There’s also lots of different opportunities for people to meet each other, meet other artists, and learn more about their respective art styles.

    How does being an art student compare to other kinds of students?

    It’s not all that different.

    I really like the idea of being a part-time student, because it keeps me busy.

    I love learning, and making new art.

    I also enjoy making art with friends.

    That can be pretty fun, but you have to be realistic about it, and have a plan in place for when it’s not so fun.

    Is there anything you would change if you were an artist?

    I definitely think the main thing that I would change is my attitude.

    It used to be that I used to think, “I can’t be an art professor!”

    I’m actually an art teacher now.

    I get a lot out of learning.

    It also helps to know the students and the places they come from, so I can help them feel comfortable around me and their art.

    What advice would you give to people looking to get into the visual arts?

    Keep working hard, and get to know what you’re passionate about, even if it’s just art in general.

    I think there’s an abundance of artists that can teach you a lot, and if you’re able to be in a class with one of those artists, then you’ll be more likely to make a good career choice.

    I have been able to find art that has a similar artistic spirit to mine, and it’s helped me to understand how my art came to be.

    If I could teach people like that, they might find the same kinds of career opportunities that I’ve found.

    Any advice for students interested in visual art?


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