You might be looking for a wall to hang your wallpapers on, or a wall art idea that you like to do with your wall decor.

    There are plenty of wall art styles available, but what you might find more exciting is the art you can do with it.

    We spoke to a few artists who are making wall art for you to share with the world, and they’re doing it with a little help from you.1.

    Jody Lacey – “Jody Lacy” wall art design with an old-school feelA classic Jody lacy wall art, designed by Jody’s brother, is one of the more creative examples of wall painting that we’ve seen.

    The “JODY” in Lacy is a nod to his brother, Jody, who is the son of famed artist James Lacy.

    Lacy was born in Australia in 1920, and the family moved to London in the 1940s.

    He grew up working in the art department of the London Art Gallery, and became a professional artist in his 50s.

    Jody started out as a student in art at the University of Sydney in the 1960s.

    It was here that he met and fell in love with a young fellow artist, the late James Lacey, who died in 1991.

    They moved to Australia, and in the late 1980s Lacy started his own design firm, Lacey & Associates, in Melbourne.

    Lacy worked on a number of wall designs and even created a portrait of the late Lacy with a painted brush, but his most famous design, “Jodi,” was his first original work.

    He used a modern technique of creating a blank canvas, and drew from a wide range of art forms, including art by William Sayers, Mark Rothko, John Singer Sargent, and Henri Matisse.

    “Jodi” was painted on the wall in a way that looked like the old-fashioned canvas paintings of the time, and was painted with a mixture of colour, textures, and lines.

    Lacey was inspired by the painting technique, and incorporated it into his wall art designs, which look something like a mix between the classic canvas and modern painting.

    In 2016, Lacy commissioned a new painting for his own wall, which he said had a “classic, clean, old-time look” and “gives a feel of a home” to the space.

    Lacey said the new artwork “makes a perfect reference to my childhood home in Sydney, and has a little bit of a Victorian feel.”

    Lacey’s latest works, which are all on display in the Arts Centre, also use traditional forms of art, including traditional Japanese ceramics and traditional Chinese painting.

    This year he’s collaborating with the National Gallery of Australia, Australia’s largest gallery of paintings and prints, to show his work.

    Lathery said he was inspired to create the new work because he “found a lot of old, familiar wall art that was in the public domain and I just thought, ‘Oh, what if I did something with that?’.” 2.

    Sarah-Lee Wilson – “Cinema” wall paintingsA “Cineplex cinema” wall painting is an iconic piece of art that has been used for a long time.

    Sarah-Lee and her husband were commissioned to create a new installation in the Sydney Cinema in 2016, and their work is an homage to the late director Steven Spielberg.

    It was Sarah-Lane’s husband, Daniel, who commissioned the original “Cinco de Mayo” poster for the film.

    Sarah Lane said the poster “sounded like a cross between a movie poster and a pin-up, and I was inspired because I was so obsessed with the film’s poster and the poster was the most iconic poster in cinema history.”

    Sarah Lacey also used the poster to create “cinema-inspired wall art” for the Art Gallery of NSW, which is one piece of her portfolio that she hopes will help the Art and Crafts community become more active.


    Sarah Wilson – Wall art with a modern twistSarah Wilson’s artwork is one that’s quite easy to make.

    Instead of traditional traditional shapes, Wilson’s work has a modern feel.

    She says the process of creating her artwork took her “three weeks” to put together.

    Wilson said she has “a great team of art students” behind her and “we’re all all trying to make our art the best it can be, and that includes me, because I’m trying to do a great job.”

    Wilson said her style was inspired “by the modern art of Japan and the modern design of the contemporary art world”.

    “The idea is that you go to Japan, look at a design and you think, ‘This is just the best, I can do better than this’,” she said.

    “So I think that I’m using a lot more modern techniques than people


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