A couple of years ago, I posted an article on the Art Gallery of America blog entitled How to Make Your Own Pixel Art.

    It detailed how to make a “simple” image using Photoshop and a simple digital art program like Photoshop Elements.

    I made a bunch of these, and one of the first things I noticed was that the basic toolkit was not very helpful. 

    I ended up buying a couple of different products.

    One of them was Photoshop Elements and the other was Photoshop CC.

    After spending hours learning both programs, I eventually figured out how to use both to make my own pixel images.

    This is a tutorial that should help anyone who is thinking about making a pixel art project.

    I’ve broken this tutorial into three parts.

    First, a basic tutorial on how to add some color to a photo and apply the color to an image.

    Second, a tutorial on using a digital tool to make pixel art.

    Third, I’ll explain how to take an image and use Photoshop Elements to add a color to it.

    The first tutorial explains how to create a color using the Photoshop Elements program.

    I recommend that you do this first to ensure you understand the basics.

    Then, I walk you through the process of applying the color on the photo, applying the opacity and blending effects to it, and finally applying a few filters to the image.

    After you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to see that the result is very pretty.

    This tutorial assumes you already have Photoshop Elements installed and the Adobe Creative Suite, if not, you can download it from the Adobe website.

    The next step is to import your image into Photoshop Elements, and here’s where things get interesting.

    First we import our image into the tool and add some basic settings to it to make it look as though it’s a painting.

    First of all, we open up the Photoshop document by clicking the menu button, then the Edit menu button at the top of the toolbar.

    In this case, we’re adding a new layer.

    Click the New button at this point, and choose New New Layer.

    In the New Layer dialog box, choose the Image Tool, then select Image.

    Next, click the Apply button and select the Gradient Tool, and then choose Gradient.

    Next we select our Image layer, then click the Add New Layer button.

    This will add a new new layer, this time named Image.

    Then we select the Image layer and click the OK button.

    We now have a new Image layer.

    To add a mask, click on the layer mask icon in the toolbar and select Mask.

    Then click OK to save this mask to the layer palette.

    Next to that, we can select our Gradient Layer, which we did earlier, and add a layer to that layer.

    We can then select the gradient and click OK.

    The final step is the blending.

    To do this, we first select the new layer layer, and select Blending.

    Now we will blend this layer with our image layer.

    Next select the Filter Tool, select Noise, and click Blending (or blend if you want to make noise in the background).

    Finally, we add a Blend Mode, and we’ll add a Blur Mask and some other options to make this look nice.

    The last step is going to be to apply some filters to this image.

    For that, select the Color Filter Tool (or you can do the same with the Color Blur Tool), and then select Color.

    To select the highlight, highlight the area between the lines.

    Then select the Shadows, and highlight the highlights.

    Lastly, select Color Adjustment, and change the brightness to around 50%.

    Next we’ll apply some noise to the background.

    Select the Noise Tool, click Noise, then move the slider to Noise Off.

    Next click the Noise Adjustment Tool, set the Blend Mode to Noise, to the Blend Noise option, and to the Noise value, to 0.

    This should give us a pretty nice noise effect.

    Next you’ll want to add an image to the mix.

    Select your image layer, click Image, then Select Image, and the image should appear.

    Finally, you should be able now to draw an image using the layer.

    Here’s what I’m going to do.

    Select both the Background and the Pixel image, then choose the image layer (this should look like a pixel painting, but I’m not going to show you the actual drawing because it’s pretty simple).

    Next, we’ll draw a line between the two pixels.

    This line will be the outline of the image, and will be drawn using the Brush Tool.

    You can also drag this line to anywhere in the image to add more detail to it (I like to draw the outline into the background, and make the line bigger as the image fades in and out).

    Then, select this image layer and then click on Paint.

    Next drag the background line, so that it matches the outline. Then


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