Ascii Art (AS) is one of the most versatile art forms of our time.

    The art forms are diverse, ranging from abstract abstract and abstract-like imagery to dramatic art that uses computer-generated imagery to capture the essence of a scene or scene-like object.

    An AS work can be an artistic expression or an aesthetic statement.

    In this article, we will look at how to use images and text to create captions and explain how to create a captions for your AS work.

    How to make a text captions For the purposes of this article and the accompanying tutorial, we’ll be using an image from our AS project titled ‘The White Rabbit’ (as shown in the image below).

    We can use the same technique to create text captons for all of the AS work that we create.

    A text caption is the visual expression of a work.

    The work must be visually engaging and the text should convey an emotional response.

    The best text captors will convey an emotion through a combination of imagery, words, and images.

    Text captions can be created in any format, including as a simple caption or a graphic design.

    In the following, we use AS to make text captals.

    To create an AS text caption, we first need to convert the image into a GIF file.

    You can convert an image into GIFs using any program that supports gifs, such as ImageMagick, Imgifactory, and ImageJ.

    Once you have an image converted to GIF, we can start using our favorite tool to make the text captor: the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) or Adobe Illustrator.

    This is a free and open-source program that can be downloaded from Adobe.

    You’ll need to download an image file (such as the image shown below) of the image you want to convert to GIF.

    You will need to then select the ‘GIF’ option from the dropdown menu, and choose the ‘Save as’ option.

    The ‘Save As’ option will take you to the Gimp window, where you can select the file you wish to save as a GIF and then click ‘Save’.

    After you have made the GIF file, you can now use your favorite image editor to edit it.

    To begin, select the image that you want the text to be in and then drag and drop it onto the GADD window.

    The GADD opens a window that shows you a list of all the images that you have selected in the previous step.

    You are then presented with a new window called the ‘Image’ window.

    To select an image, click on it and then choose ‘New Image’.

    This will open a new GADD Window.

    From here, you’ll be presented with the options that you just chose.

    In these options, you have a choice of using the ‘Select Image’ or ‘Select Text’.

    The ‘Select’ option gives you the ability to change the background and the size of the text.

    You then select your image, then click on ‘Save’ to save the image to your computer.

    This image will then be displayed in the Gadd Window and the process of selecting the image begins.

    The process is repeated until you have created a text file that contains a caption.

    To use a text description in your text captioning, you will first need a picture.

    You do this by clicking on an image in the list of images that GADD provides and selecting it from the list.

    The image in this example is the image ‘The Rabbit’ and you will see a list showing all of these images.

    You should then click the ‘OK’ button to begin the process.

    After selecting the appropriate image, you should then choose a text to use for the text description.

    A simple text description is fine, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate or technical.

    In fact, a text can be anything that is relevant to the artwork you’re trying to convey.

    For example, an AS title could be something like, ‘The rabbit in this picture is a part of the story.

    It is a metaphor for life.

    It also represents the story of our species.

    A word that expresses something of our own culture or identity would be great.’

    If you want your text to have a more artistic and poetic flavor, then you can choose a more abstract or surreal text.

    For an example of a text that is less technical and more about the art of art, try using a poem that describes a painting or sculpture.

    When using an abstract text to describe an art work, the text will be in bold font and will have the word ‘ART’ in it.

    Text captioning techniques We can also create text to explain the images or text in the AS text that we have selected.

    This technique is especially useful when we are creating text that uses visual elements to convey emotion.

    For a text from our artwork, we need to create an image that represents the rabbit as a part


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