The music and art movement has given me a great voice, but I’m sure that was only half the story.

    I am one of the millions of people who had a part in changing the world. 

    I have been told that I was one of only 20 people who received an invitation to the inaugural meeting of the Black Arts Movement, the first in its history. 

    In 2015, I was asked to participate in a project that involved my own personal story, an event that took place on my campus. 

    The event was in the Black Community Center at the University of Georgia, and I was part of a panel on the importance of diversity, the power of community and the intersection of art and culture. 

    A young man approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining a group of artists to collaborate on a project. 

    When I heard the name of the group, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. 

    As I explained to the young man, I knew that the art I was interested in would have to include a black woman and a woman of color.

    I was excited to participate. 

    This was the first time I had been asked to speak about my experience. 

    While I was working with the artists to create a project, I asked the young artist if he would be willing to make a video to raise awareness about the Black Art Movement. 

    He agreed to make the video, and it was a video I will never forget. 

    It was then that I saw that I had the opportunity to make something that could change the world for the better. 

    We had a good time talking about the work that we were working on, and the way the Black community was treated and the issues that we faced. 

    My work has also been recognized at numerous events, including the National Arts Center in Atlanta, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., and the Art Institute of Chicago. 

    These are just some of the events where my work has been recognized, but there are many more that I am working on. 

    One of my projects that has been a huge success is the “Black Women and Girls in the Arts” project.

    I have created a series of video series that will be posted online, each focusing on a specific aspect of black women and girls. 

    Each video will be produced with a particular black female artist. 

    “Black Women in the Art” is a collaboration between my group, the Center for the Arts, the Black Women in Black Culture Program and The Museum of Contemporary Art. 

    Our goal is to create short films that will make an impact on the lives of black and brown women and young girls.

    I hope to have the first two videos available in the next few weeks. 

    Through the “black women in the arts” project, artists have the opportunity not only to create their own videos, but also to share their stories and experiences. 

    There are many people that I have worked with that are involved in this project, and each time I have shared my story with them, they have become more involved. 

     The goal of this project is to raise money to support the Center’s work in providing resources to the women and children of color who are at risk of experiencing violence in the streets. 

    All funds raised through this project will go towards a scholarship fund that will give scholarships to female students in the South to study in the black community. 

    If you would like to support this effort, you can donate here: The project will be available for viewing online at 

    I am so proud of the work of the artists that I work with.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported my work. 

    To learn more about the Center, check out their website at 

    Thank you to my fellow artists. 


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