By Chris M. Smedley | March 20, 2020 3:03pmIn his new book, The Golden Age Of Art: What the Modern Chinese Are Made Of, writer Michael J. Cooley traces how China’s art form has grown, changed, and reinvented.

    In particular, Cooley argues that the Chinese have been building on the legacy of their classical masters, particularly Gu Wenqi and Hu Jiazong.

    But unlike their Chinese predecessors, Chinese artists are working at the same speed, in the same places, at the very same places.

    The result, according to Cooley, is a new kind of art that has been born in the midst of an unprecedented wave of technological change.

    In his introduction, Coogle outlines the key events that led up to this new art form.

    First, the rise of the Internet as a way to make art available to everyone.

    This, Cooglesays, was an event that gave rise to the new wave of “digital art” in China.

    Second, a wave of Chinese artists were given a chance to express themselves through video games.

    This resulted in an explosion of creativity.

    This new wave was the “Golden Age of Video Games,” Cooley explains.

    Coogle then goes on to describe how Chinese artists used their new technology to create the most striking works of modern art.

    For example, Chinese artist Gu Wenqiu, in his “Chai Yang” painting, is depicted wearing a cloak with a mask.

    His mask, according the artist, is made of gold leaf and bronze and features an eagle in flight.

    It is the most powerful piece of work by a Chinese artist to date.

    The mask is a symbol of the ancient Chinese concept of the “four winds” or the four winds of the universe.

    As a result, it is the only known painting in the world to be painted in bronze.

    In this way, Gu WenQiu created a work of art of such power that he was awarded the title of “The Eagle of China.”

    Third, China’s digital culture was also responsible for the birth of new forms of art.

    China’s new wave, Coooley argues, was a result of a new phenomenon called “machines.”

    As a new technology, the Internet gave Chinese artists a chance for new forms to come into being.

    This included the creation of new media like magazines, film, and art books.

    This led to a new generation of Chinese filmmakers, such as Zhang Xianliang, who were able to explore the world of cinema and its cinematic history in new ways.

    Finally, the digital era also created a new way for Chinese artists to express their work.

    For the first time, they could use computers to record their works.

    Coogley also writes about how the Chinese artist Hu Jiarui was able to capture images of the landscape, then print them on wax and use the images as a form of canvas.

    These early techniques created a world of visual expression that would eventually become known as the “Chinese Renaissance.”

    The rise of this new wave came at a time when China was experiencing a massive rise in urbanization and economic development.

    The rise in wealth and opportunity that came with these new technologies was also leading to the rise in new forms and styles of art as well.

    Coooleys book, written with his daughter and fellow writer, Julia Pfeiffer, highlights the art and technology of the Chinese art world, but also the cultural, political, and cultural consequences of the new art.

    This book is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of art in China and the global art world.

    Written by Chris M Smedleys


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