Canvas art is one of those trends that seems to be gaining steam with the iPhone 6S, and while the Apple Watch is a pretty nice looking gadget, it’s not really going to appeal to everyone.

    Instead, Apple is bringing back the canvas art trend with its latest iteration of its smartwatch.

    Apple’s new Apple Watches are all about taking the best features from the iPhone and putting them to good use, but the company has also created its own way of creating the kind of nail art you can buy on the Apple store.

    The new Apple watch is built around the new A11 Bionic chip and its display is much bigger than what you get on the iPhone.

    The new Apple WATCH is the first smartwatch to come with a built-in camera, so it will be able to capture high-definition video and image from the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

    You’ll be able edit and share these video clips with friends and family, which is really cool.

    The Apple Watch also comes with its own built-out camera, but unlike the iPhone, this one doesn’t have a built in microphone, and Apple is going to make sure that you can hear the camera when you’re using it.

    You can also use it to record audio.

    Apple has also made some really neat refinements to the Apple Watched experience.

    For instance, the watch has a battery life of six months, up from five months with the original iPhone.

    Apple says the new watch will last for up to 12 hours, so that means you can wear it around town and get a pretty good workout while you’re at it.

    The Apple Watch’s battery life will be even better if you’re in a hurry and need to get back to your work.

    The watch’s camera will capture video, and when you’ve finished a video or audio recording, you’ll be presented with a quick menu that lets you choose to download it to the watch or use it as a digital camera.

    You’ll also be able upload videos to the Watch to make it easier for other people to share them with you.

    Apple is also bringing back its camera app, which was removed from the original Apple Watch and replaced with the new app.

    The app will let you take pictures and videos in portrait, landscape, and portrait orientation, but you’ll need to rotate the iPhone to see it in all these modes.

    You can also edit and use Apple Watch video clips to share with your friends.

    Apple will also be making its own version of Apple Camera, which will work with other apps and devices.

    You’re going to want to have the Apple watch as a regular smartwatch for a couple of reasons: It’s not as expensive as the iPhone (it’s currently $329), and you’ll get more features like Face ID and Apple Pay.

    You won’t be able, however, to connect it to your iPhone, so you’ll still need a physical iPhone.

    You should also know that Apple Watch isn’t available for preorder right now, so if you don’t want to pay a premium for the watch, you can still preorder it right now.

    Apple has yet to announce pricing or availability for the Applewatch, but we do know that it will have a 4.7-inch display and 128GB storage.

    It’ll also have an extra battery life and a faster processor than the iPhone 5S.


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