Oil pastel paintings are some of the most beautiful works of art, and are known for their delicate, soft, and sensual textures.

    In fact, they have been called “nude” art, or art without the human skin.

    Now, researchers have discovered that, when you apply oil pastels to paintings, they produce an entirely new kind of image.

    And this new image is called “resin”.

    A new study has revealed that, in contrast to oil pastELS, resin art is made up of a complex mixture of natural materials that are usually found only in natural products, including oil and other minerals.

    It has been suggested that the oil and mineral paints we use in the oil industry have been used to create these new images.

    This research suggests that the original paintings created using these oils may have contained the traces of these materials in the form of natural compounds that could not be identified as oil or mineral.

    This study is one of the first to test this theory.

    “The natural materials in these paintings are what’s called resins,” Dr Adam Geddes, from the School of Art and Design at the University of Exeter, told ABC News.

    “These are substances that come from the earth that have a high mineral content, which is a natural reaction that can produce a certain number of chemical compounds.”

    It is these natural compounds, when exposed to sunlight, that produce these colours and colours that are often called ‘resins’.” “We know that natural resins are not only important in the creation of artworks, but also for creating life on Earth.

    “When we apply oil to natural resin, these natural materials are stripped away and this process is called ‘hydrogenation’, where the chemical compound that is left behind becomes the new colour.”

    Dr Gedds said the study was the first attempt to determine the role that resins play in the composition of these paintings.

    “These paintings have been found to contain traces of mineral oil and resin,” he said.

    “Resin is one element that makes up the paint in these oils, and this chemical reaction between the natural resinous materials and the chemical compounds in these natural oils produces a chemical reaction that gives rise to the new colours.”

    The new study was conducted by Dr Gedd, his research partner, and Dr Elizabeth Moxley, from Newcastle University.

    They found that resin paintings were composed of two main types of materials.

    One type of resin is known as aliphatic resins, which are the same kind of resins that are used in the paints we buy in the supermarket.

    The second type of resin is known colloidal resin, which consists of two or more layers of resinous particles.

    The researchers discovered that the composition was entirely different to what you might expect.

    “What we found was that there was a very high degree of chemical similarity between the different types of resin,” Dr Geds said.

    Dr Adam Geds and his colleagues found that the chemical similarity was greater than for any other type of oil painting they examined.

    What is a resin?

    Resins are liquids, but when they come into contact with water, they create a gel, which then becomes a solid.

    The water evaporates, but the gel remains in solution.

    When you rub a resin on a piece of paper, it forms a layer of solid material.

    The layer on top is called a sheath. 

    The water evaporated the gel, creating a layer on the paper.

    To find out more about the composition, the researchers used a technique called X-ray crystallography to examine the water in the resin, and to see what chemical reactions were taking place.

    After examining the water, Dr Gddes said that the team had discovered a very unusual chemistry, which he said was completely unexpected.

    “We were just completely astonished,” he told ABC.

    One of the researchers, Dr David Jones, from Goldsmiths, University of London, said it was a “major discovery”.

    “We’re going to be working with other researchers to try and understand this chemistry better,” he added.

    “This research is really exciting, because it opens up the possibility of a whole range of new materials and new ways of understanding the chemical properties of these colours.” 

    “When you apply it to a piece the chemical reaction starts, and you end up with this colour.

    That’s what you want.

    That is what makes these colours special.” 

    The study was published in Nature Communications. 

    Image credits: © Getty Images


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