The NHL’s Art Directors Association is giving its members the green light to apply for easels at the start of the playoffs.

    The association, which includes the league’s top general managers, has been working with the NHLPA and NHLPA-B.

    Federation President David Andrews said he’s encouraged by the association’s support.

    The new guidelines require the boards of directors to consult with the union and the NHL Players’ Association before making decisions on where to put easels, and when the boards may apply for them.

    Artists are required to notify the NHL at least two weeks before they want a piece of art installed in the ice surface, and artists who fail to do so will not receive an easel.

    The NHLPA has been trying to get easels in the past and, according to Andrews, is encouraged by progress.

    “We’ve heard a lot from the NHL and the league, from the players and the boards, and we’re hoping to continue that,” Andrews said.

    The league has approved eight easel designs from the association, with four going to the NHL players association and one to the National Hockey League Players’ Associations.

    Andrews said the league is looking at a total of 10 easels to be installed by the start the playoffs, though he did not provide a timeline for when the final designs would be approved.

    The association has received more than 250 applications from artists to install easels.

    The NHLPA’s board has been considering how best to move forward with easel-related issues, Andrews said, and the association will meet with the league on Dec. 5 to decide on where the easel should go.

    “The NHL has said a lot of times that we want to keep this art in the game and in the city, and it’s important for the players to be able to experience this kind of art that has been created,” Andrews told on Wednesday.

    “So we’re looking at all of those things.”


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