As China’s artistic output has continued to rise, it has also become a source of contention between Beijing and its neighbours, including the US.

    The debate has pitted Beijing against the US, and has also put artists and their families at risk.

    The controversy has been triggered by a documentary titled Baroque Artists in China, produced by China’s National Film Council (CNC) and China Central Television (CCTV).

    The film was initially released in September but has been pulled from the country’s state-run broadcaster and is now available only through the website of China Central TV.

    It is aimed at highlighting the achievements of Chinese artists in the arts, and the work of Chinese designers and artists, while highlighting the plight of Chinese musicians and writers who live in exile.

    As a result, the film has been criticised by both Beijing and Washington, with the Chinese government accusing it of perpetuating the “Chinese model” and its cultural heritage being undermined.

    However, it is China’s domestic media that has been most critical of the documentary.

    The government-owned China Daily newspaper published an editorial titled “The truth about Baroques” on Thursday, stating that it had no idea that Chinese designers were being punished for using Western-style designs.

    The editorial argued that the “baroque” design styles were being imposed on China by Western artists who were not willing to compromise their own artistic traditions, and that the design style used by Chinese designers was not unique to China.

    The article also claimed that the film had been designed to discredit the Chinese design style, and questioned whether it was even “authentic” at all.

    China Daily has been accused of “bias” against Chinese design styles and Chinese design designers, and of having a negative effect on China’s image abroad.

    The documentary was also criticized by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), which stated that the documentary was a “poor example” of Chinese culture.

    According to the AAAS, the documentary showed a lack of respect for China’s cultural heritage, and a “blatant attempt to undermine Chinese culture”.

    In the film, the filmmakers portray China’s designers as “wandering around the world and making all sorts of crazy designs”.

    “Baroques, or Baroquism, are the symbols of China,” the film’s narrator told the audience.

    “They are symbols of power and prestige, of being a powerful force.”

    China has long claimed the title of “Great Designer” in the world, and it is one of the most influential design languages in the history of the world.

    The country has also used the title for a variety of artistic projects, from the “Walking Buddha” sculpture at the Great Wall of China to the Chinese national anthem.

    However the “Baros” documentary, which was released in October, comes at a time when Chinese artists are also being increasingly targeted by Beijing.

    The film also features a number of Chinese design icons, including a series of “Barojas” that have been widely criticised by the Chinese authorities for their design-free, and sometimes insensitive, aesthetics.

    In a recent interview, the director of the Chinese Design Association, Li Hui, criticised the documentary, saying that it was “an insult to Chinese design culture”.

    He said that it showed that the Chinese designers’ ideas were “bordering on the absurd”, and that “Chinese culture has never been as richly developed as it is today”.


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