Posted September 06, 2018 08:50:33 Picasso is an artist whose works are often celebrated for their originality and beauty.

    He is one of the greatest living artists of the 20th century.

    The legendary artist is one half of the two men who made art together.

    Picasso and his friend, the French artist Louis-Michel Basquiat, were friends and collaborators in the late 1930s.

    They met at a art fair in New York City.

    Picardo had just started a series of paintings at the time.

    Basqui at the same time was working on his own.

    They had just finished a series entitled “The Garden,” and Basquido was still working on the final piece of work.

    When they met, they were both in their early 20s.

    Picardo and Basquinas first met in 1932, when the artist visited Paris.

    They became fast friends, and Basqueras became his personal art collector.

    After meeting in New England in 1934, Picasso began to exhibit at Basquiaras gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

    Basquin, the father of modern art, was a student at Yale.

    After Basquin graduated, he traveled to Picasso’s studio in Paris, and they became friends.

    After moving to New York in 1935, they moved to Picassos apartment in Greenwich Village.

    They continued working together, and in 1937 they met again at Picassos studio.

    They were inseparable, and Picasso asked him to be his apprentice.

    Picasso was a talented painter, but his work was not recognized as art.

    He began to feel the pressure of fame and fortune.

    He was in love with a woman, and she wanted him to paint her portrait.

    He refused.

    When he was offered a job painting her portrait, he said, “Why do you want me to paint this beautiful woman?”

    The woman said, No, but why do you think you’re going to paint my portrait?

    The artist told the woman to get out of his workshop, and he was fired.

    He then left the art world for good.

    Picasa was born on March 14, 1937, in the Paris suburb of Bordeaux.

    He went on to be an acclaimed artist.

    He spent much of his life painting landscapes, and his works include the painting “Le Petit Picasso” in Paris in 1951, and the painting of the “Mosaic of Life” in Los Angeles in 1966.

    In his lifetime, Picassais paintings have been shown around the world and sold millions of copies.

    He lived for many years in a Paris mansion.

    He died in 2002 at the age of 90.

    The art world is full of the artist’s paintings, which have been on display at museums around the globe for more than 100 years.


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