In 2009, David Choe, the director of the Denver Art Museum, had an idea.

    He wanted to design a collection of art and sculptures by a group of young artists to help them get into the art world.

    “We were looking at art and the creative process in the past and seeing it as something that only young people could do,” Choe said.

    “There were a lot of young people who were getting into the studio, creating works of art, but we were not seeing that happening with young people in the real world.”

    “I was trying to come up with a way to get those people into the field, so I wanted to see if I could create an artwork of the sort that these young artists would be creating.”

    Choe had a number of ideas, but one that stood out to him was that of a group called “The People.”

    “We are all trying to be different and create our own worlds, and this was one of those things that stood the test of time,” Choer said.

    So he created an artistic rendering of the group that would eventually become known as The People.

    The artwork was then donated to the Denver Museum of Art, which is dedicated to “The Art of Life” in the arts.

    “This artwork was very personal for me, it was an experience for me personally,” Choed said.

    Choe said he created the work with the help of his wife, and it is now on display at the Denver museum.

    The People are part of a larger group of art that was created by Choe and his wife in the 1990s.

    They were called “the artist’s group”, and they were also part of the Colorado art community, Choe explained.

    “They were doing the work of artists in the community and we wanted to bring that work to Denver,” Choen said.

    The art that they created is now part of Denver Art Week, which celebrates the arts and the arts-related programming that is happening in the city.

    Choen said he hopes to see the work continue to evolve in the future.

    “It is something that I want to continue to work on, so it will continue to grow, and we will continue making that art available to Denver ArtWeek, and to Denver’s community,” Choek said.

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