Art History graduate Alexa C. Thompson has developed a new clip art story that explores the intersection of art and technology in the context of STEM education.

    Art and technology have a long history, both in popular culture and in technology.

    In her story, Thompson takes viewers through a series of digital installations that demonstrate how technology and art can bring together.

    Art students who study the field of art history, as the school’s curriculum is known, typically spend three years of their studies researching, writing, and creating artworks for the school.

    The course is offered as part of the school year, and students must complete their studies in order to participate in the class.

    It’s a challenging process, and one that students need to embrace and learn to master.

    But, while art history students learn to create works of art, the course also explores the idea of how art and digital technology can become one.

    Art History students can work on their own or with students from other schools who are studying the same topic.

    They also have the opportunity to collaborate with others who study similar subjects, including teachers, art history professors, and technology students.

    “Art is a powerful tool to communicate ideas and communicate history, and art history is a way to bring together different voices in a space,” Thompson said.

    “There is so much more to learn from digital art.”

    The clip art project, called The Little Girl With the Hornets Nest, features an original art piece from the student’s class and a student-created video of her creation.

    She created the piece using her camera’s video capabilities.

    The project is an introduction to the history of digital art, as well as a new opportunity for students to learn about the intersection between art and computing.

    Art is a complex field that can include many different mediums, including film, music, and animation, according to Art History Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Andrew A. Nellum.

    “Technology is often associated with science and technology, but technology is also used to create art, and there are lots of examples of that happening,” Nellampom said.

    The video’s story follows a young artist named Katie.

    Katie is a computer scientist and software engineer.

    She has an interest in video and digital art.

    Her computer science and engineering class works with the students from her art school to make the computer program that creates the artwork.

    Art in the classroom is a key element of art instruction in many schools, but the importance of art in STEM education is being discussed more and more.

    “It’s a really big part of art,” Nillampom added.

    “In many schools in the United States, it’s not even on the curriculum.”

    Art History is the second-highest-ranked arts and design degree in the country, and many students, like Katie, choose to pursue it.

    According to a 2016 study by the American Council on Education, students who attend arts and sciences-related art and design programs are more than twice as likely to graduate as students who go to engineering, business, or social studies.

    Art history has historically been a challenging field to enter, as there are a variety of art forms that students can choose from.

    Some schools focus on painting, while others are more about the installation and digital sculpture.

    The students in The Little Girls’ Nest are encouraged to think outside of the box, and to use their digital and physical tools to create and share work.

    The clip piece in this case, which is the work of student Alexis C. Cascio, is an interactive, animated piece of art.

    A series of dots appear on the screen that are connected by an audio-visual effect.

    The dots are animated to show a series that can be seen as a series and not a sequence.

    The pieces can be made in a variety the styles of paper, acrylic, or digital.

    Each piece is designed in a way that allows students to connect their pieces to one another.

    “The Little Girls” is a piece of work that is created in Adobe Photoshop, and the student has also created a YouTube video to show students how to create their own piece.

    The Little Boys’ Nest is a series created by student Aaron Pascio.

    In the video, Aaron is seen creating an interactive video that includes an array of dots.

    Each dot appears as a video in which the user can tap the dots on the computer screen to create a video.

    The dot effect can be heard through a speaker in the room.

    “I’m always inspired by digital art and I thought that this was a great way to connect to the digital world,” Pasco said.


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