The art world in Ireland has many names, but most are not necessarily the same.

    The following list is based on the work of artists from across the country.

    It includes artists who have created the best known works, and also the lesser known works.

    Some of the works on this list have been featured on our website before, and may not be directly comparable to the work shown here.

    Some of the artists on the list have had their work featured on The Irish News or on our Facebook page.

    Included are works by:Eoin McQuaid (1599-1688), Irish artist who was a painter of stained glass windows, stained glass ceilings, and the Irish landscape, and was considered one of the best in the country for his paintings of ancient Irish scenes.

    Eoin MacQuaid, 1616-17, was one of Ireland’s leading painters of the 18th century.

    He was known for his unique style of painting, depicting people with various forms of disabilities.

    In his best known work, MacQuail depicts a person with the hands of a human being, and his feet of a horse.

    It was one the most popular works in the 19th century, and remains one of his most popular.

    The work was painted in 1689.

    Dylan McQueen (1672-1748), Irish painter known for the use of colour in his paintings, including the painting of the Irish National Anthem.

    In a painting of a man holding a flower, McQueen portrays a flower as being held in the hand of a person holding a gun.

    McQueen is known for depicting scenes of Ireland in a very different light than those portrayed in contemporary art.

    The painting, which is on display at the Dublin Museum, depicts the landscape of Dublin, with the Dublin River running through the middle of the landscape, a depiction of the city’s traditional blue colours.

    The painting was done between 1670 and 1682.

    In the painting, a man holds a flower in his left hand, with his right hand held up as if holding a pistol.

    In the background, a horse is seen running across the river.

    The Dublin Bridge is in a different position from that depicted in the painting.

    The image depicts a man on a horse carrying a flower.

    The Irish National Flag is on the right side of the canvas.

    The red, white and blue stripes are the colours of the flag.

    The work was created between 1692 and 1788.

    It depicts a horseman on a green field, with a red and white cross.

    The horseman stands with his left leg crossed, his right leg bent, and he is wearing a blue cloak.

    It is the first work by McQueen to feature a horse and a flag in the same scene.

    McQueen was also known for creating an unusual style of paint.

    The style of colour he chose was unique.

    McQuaid painted a landscape of Ireland as a natural landscape, with green fields and green hills, and a man in a red cloak standing on a red hill.

    It appears to be an early attempt to incorporate colour into the artwork.

    In this painting, the horseman is standing on the hill, with an arrow pointing towards the ground.

    The portrait was painted on the roof of the house where McQueen lived.

    The works on the above list have not been included in the Irish Times Top 5 Top 5 art of the year.


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