Fox Sports is reporting that it’s been almost 50 years since the dinosaurs were first unearthed, so we know what you’re thinking: The word “dinosaurs” doesn’t even appear in the title of the article.

    But what if you were to tell a story about the evolution of dinosaurs and what the word dinosaur meant in the 1800s?

    That’s exactly what researchers at the University of Cambridge have done, and it’s really interesting.

    The first written description of the “dinosaur” was by a German chemist named Karl von Bülow in 1871.

    It was his description of a newly discovered fossil that bore an uncanny resemblance to a dinosaur named T. rex.

    Bülo’s description was the first written record of the term “dinofex” (which translates as “reptile”), and it has stuck with us ever since.

    But the earliest written reference to the word “dinosaur” dates to 1851, when a newspaper reporter named John C. Dower wrote about an encounter he had with an old woman who told him that she saw a huge reptile on the riverbank near her house.

    Dowers article was based on a newspaper clipping that had been reprinted in several newspapers.

    He noted that the creature looked exactly like the T. rox, which is a name given to a group of large herbivorous dinosaurs that lived in the Late Cretaceous period.

    Dinosaur is a term that was popularized by British biologist Sir Francis Crick in the 1970s.

    The term was coined to describe the enormous size and speed of dinosaurs.

    In Crick’s terms, the dinosaur “appeared to be in the shape of a lion, about 6 feet (1.6 meters) in length.”

    The term “dino” also dates back to ancient Greek mythology, but it’s a name that was not used in the context of dinosaurs at the time.

    In Greek mythology a dragon was a creature of immense size and strength, so the term was often used in reference to such creatures.

    As early as the 1500s, the English poet Thomas Hardy used the term to describe a large, terrifying beast that terrorized the townspeople of Yorkshire.

    He wrote, “My boy, the dragon is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a beast that might possibly be dangerous, and yet would be tame and gentle in nature.”

    This “dragon” was not the first creature to be referred to as “dinosaur.”

    In the early 1800s, scientists at the British Museum discovered an animal known as “the dinosaur of the East” in the Middle East.

    This creature had a large head and long snout and was covered with teeth.

    But in 1800, scientists recognized that the animal was not a dinosaur and concluded that it had been an animal from another time and place.

    The term dinosaur is a long-standing scientific term that has stuck for decades.

    As the word has become more popular over the years, so have the scientists who are using it.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines dinosaur as “an animal of unusual size or strength, especially an animal with a large snout.”

    It’s an idea that originated with the word theropod, which means “a creature with an elongated snout or snout that extends downward toward the ground.”

    This is a more precise description of what the term dinosaur means, but dinosaur has been used for thousands of years.

    In the 1700s, an American botanist named George Crook coined the word for an animal that resembled a dinosaur, and he applied the term in his book Dinosaur Hunters.

    In his book, Crook wrote,”To all intents and purposes, the word ‘dinosaur’ is not merely a title, but a description of an animal.

    This description is not limited to the animal, but includes all animals, and in some instances even the birds and the reptiles.

    There are several varieties of this description, the most common being the one we give you here.”

    When it comes to the origin of the word, the Oxford English dictionary gives two explanations: One is that it is a nickname for a certain creature.

    Another theory is that the word was coined by a scientist who lived in a time where dinosaurs were on the verge of extinction.

    In either case, it seems clear that the name dinosaur has remained synonymous with the animal that Crook described.


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