Art supply store owner and entrepreneur David Jones is known for his handmade items, and this is one of his more notable creations.

    The shop in Midtown Manhattan is called The Cracked Window, and it sells everything from art supplies to furniture to wood, glass, and leather goods.

    (Image: David Jones)David Jones is famous for his artisanal items, but his business has a unique twist.

    He doesn’t stock art supplies or craft goods.

    Instead, he sells his goods wholesale to local art supply stores and craftsmen.

    (You can find him on Etsy and his Instagram account.)

    The shop is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

    (It’s also on Etsy, which is where David Jones started selling his handmade products.

    I’m told that the shop is now closed, and that it may not reopen until March.)

    The Cracked Windows, which also sells the same handmade items as his other shops, has more than 60 different items on display.

    One of them, a glass painting, sold for $4,000, while a second one, a piece of wood, sold at $2,500.

    This second piece of art, which was done in a series called “Till the Sea Turns,” sold for just over $3,000.

    The shop sells an impressive selection of items, with some of the more popular items selling for $500 or less.

    And for those who are in the market for art supplies, David Jones has a huge selection.

    The Cracks, which offers art supplies and crafts, sells everything including glass, leather, and glassware.

    (Here are some of David Jones’s more notable items.)

    David Jones told me that the store sells handmade art supplies.

    And the items he sells are all handmade.

    The only exceptions are his art supplies for the Cracked window, which he sells at wholesale.

    David Jones’s Cracked windows art supply is a lot more expensive than the other craft stores he’s started in New York, which typically sell for $20-$30.

    David Jones says he’s selling them at wholesale because they’re often made out of wood or glass, so they don’t cost as much as other art supplies that are made out the same way.

    He also doesn’t want his craftsmen to be limited to buying his products, so he also buys them from craft shops.

    David also sells art supplies online at his website, and he’s also a popular online speaker.

    David is a pretty savvy guy, but it’s still a bit intimidating to find a store that sells handmade goods.

    I was surprised to learn that he has a business model that doesn’t rely on selling directly to his customers.

    David said that his customers buy his handmade goods through his website because they can’t find them anywhere else.

    David told me he has about 20 people working for him.

    He’s currently raising money on Indiegogo to launch the business.

    He said that if he’s able to raise $4 million, his business will be able to offer affordable and affordable prices.

    I reached out to David Jones to ask about his business model and the price of handmade goods in New England.

    I also spoke to the owner of a craft store called A Craft Store in Newington, Massachusetts, who told me his store sells crafts and art supplies in the $25-$40 range.


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