A new study has found that most people who buy glasses will buy them again and again.

    It comes from the latest Priceline study which found that over the last three years, the number of glasses purchased by Australians increased by 1.8%.

    “We have seen over the past two years the trend for glasses to become more affordable, with the trend increasing from the mid-2000s to around 2010,” says Dr Andrew Fyfe, an assistant professor of management and decision science at the University of Western Australia.

    “And it has been rising for a while, but it’s been much more gradual than most people realise.”

    The new study looked at data from the Priceline platform, which collects and aggregates consumer behaviour.

    “The reason that we see the trend is that we get to see how people spend their time and the way they spend their money,” says Fyffes co-author, Dr David Wren, a senior lecturer in consumer psychology at the Australian National University.

    The study used data from more than 1,300 people, who had purchased a total of more than 6,000 glasses between 2011 and 2016.

    “We collected information on the glasses they had purchased, their purchases and their use in the last month,” he says.

    “This allowed us to look at how much money people spent on glasses, and the proportion of people who have bought and resold glasses over the year.”

    Fyfe and Wren say the study suggests that people who spend more time on their smartphones are spending less time in the office.

    “People are more likely to go to the gym, they’re less likely to have leisure activities, and they’re more likely not to have a car,” he explains.

    “So we think it’s more likely that they’ll spend more on glasses when they’re at home, because they have a more intimate connection to their smartphones.”

    In a study published last year, Fyf said the trend of people buying more expensive glasses was being driven by a consumer mindset that they should be spending more time in front of a computer.

    “There’s a growing perception that there’s something inherently less satisfying in doing more than a certain amount of work,” he told ABC Radio National.

    Dr Fyford says this means that many people are spending more on expensive glasses when in the field.””

    But now we’re getting that to happen in a more physical way, in the way that it looks on your wrist, and then we’re going to spend more of that money on those glasses.”

    Dr Fyford says this means that many people are spending more on expensive glasses when in the field.

    “It’s a little bit of a misnomer to say that the majority of people are going to be spending money on glasses for their work,” Dr Fyffe says.

    “We think that people are actually spending more money when they are at home.”

    While the new study found that the vast majority of Australians had bought glasses for work, some people were buying them for personal reasons.

    “I’m a professional photographer who works in the desert,” Dr Wren says.

    But not all people who use the glasses for business are as comfortable with buying expensive ones.

    “Some people are more comfortable spending money for a specific purpose,” Dr Gwynn MacGregor, a clinical psychologist from the University Of Adelaide, told ABC radio.

    “They might be in a relationship with someone, or they might be looking to take advantage of their partner’s holiday or they have an expensive job.”

    Or they might just need to spend money on something they might need later on.

    “In fact, Dr MacGregors research found that people were spending less on glasses in Australia when compared to a decade ago.”

    For example, when we started tracking the trend in 2015, the proportion who bought expensive glasses increased by 9.2% in the first half of 2016,” Dr Macgregor said.”

    That was a dramatic increase, and we have now seen a decline of around 4% since then.


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