The Chicago Art Museum is one of the few museums in the world that can tell the difference between an authentic metal piece and a fake one, thanks to the metal markers it uses to mark its art.

    The museum’s metal wall markers, used in more than 2,000 pieces of art, are a byproduct of its Art and Humanities program, which aims to promote and celebrate art and humanities education.

    The markers are an integral part of the museum’s teaching mission, said the museum in a statement.

    They have become part of a permanent archive of the institute’s work and have served as a cultural icon, said James Taylor, director of the program.

    Art markers are created by hand with a machine that can print out small pieces of paper, ink or pigment on the wall and then attach them to the wall to create an artistic effect.

    The markers can be used as markers on the museum wall or in a museum exhibition.

    Museum staff created hundreds of metal wall pieces for each of the 10,000 objects on display.

    The pieces were hand-carved, and some of the markers were handcrafted by Taylor and his team of about two dozen people.

    They used markers created by the Institute of American Art in New York to mark each piece of art.

    The marker team was able to recreate the markers from hand-made plastic.

    Some markers are engraved with words or phrases such as “Art in the Air,” “A Piece of Art” or “A Journey to the Stars.”

    Some are used as guides for museum visitors, like the one above, which reads, “A piece of history.”

    Other markers can have a message written on them.

    The words “Saving a Piece of History” are etched onto the marker.

    They are meant to symbolize the museum as an institution dedicated to preserving and protecting historic monuments, Taylor said.

    The Chicago Museum of Art said the markers are a significant part of its mission, and are one of several ways the museum has been able to attract a diverse group of visitors, who may not otherwise be able to experience the institution in person.

    The markers also help maintain the museum community.

    The metal markers are part of an annual campaign to create a permanent record of the Institute, which the museum began in 2007, Taylor added.

    The markers can be found in many locations around the museum, including in the lobby of the Museum of Fine Arts, which is in the Chicago area, and the Art Gallery of Chicago, where the markers can also be found.

    The Markers Project is an annual program that offers visitors and visitors of all ages the chance to contribute to the preservation of Chicago’s iconic landmarks.

    The program’s goal is to help preserve some of Chicagos most iconic cultural institutions and buildings, including the city’s famed Metropolis Building, Chicago Public Library, and McCormick Place, a former Navy ship that is home to the cityís largest collection of artworks.

    The marker program, called Markers for the Chicagoans, has grown in recent years and has helped the museum add new features, including a new section dedicated to the Chicago Public Art Museum.


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