Art museum in Pittsburgh has unveiled a new exhibit about oil pastels, a subject that is gaining attention after the World Trade Center bombing.

    The exhibit, titled “Oil Pastels,” is titled “An Art History,” and it will open on March 7 at the museum’s former home in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

    The exhibit is an installation of oil pastel paintings, and it is being curated by Sarah M. Smith, a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, where the exhibit will be shown.

    Smith says that, as of now, the exhibit is being offered to members of the public for free, and that members will be able to view the paintings for the first time through a virtual viewer.

    The gallery also has a separate gallery dedicated to oil paintings of the 1950s and 60s, and a separate oil painting of a woman’s face that will also be displayed in the exhibition.

    Smith says that the paintings are not oil paintings, but are “art forms.”

    Smith said that the exhibition is about oil painting, and the paintings were created by the artist Alexand Grey, who was born in London in 1921.

    Smith said in a statement that, in addition to the oil paintings in the gallery, “the collection includes original oil paintings by other artists that were made for sale, including two of the most famous artists in the history of oil painting.

    I hope you enjoy this exciting new project.”

    Smith added that, while she is not sure how the oil pastELS will change the way people view the art world, she is excited to see how they will affect people’s lives.

    She said that, by showing these paintings in public, the paintings “will hopefully open up new dialogue about the subject of art and the art industry and how we as an industry should approach this topic.”


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