I think it’s important to remember that art is an act of social expression, of sharing an idea.

    And it’s also an act that’s often done without knowledge or understanding of what it means to create art.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of what John Brunner calls the “articulate artist”, who, according to his website, “has an idea for a painting and the art-making skills to get there”.

    The problem is, in most cases, this is an artist’s work, not a scientist’s.

    I have to confess, it was this artist who first inspired me to learn more about the art of art, and to write about it.

    In my first year as a PhD student, I had to put on a show for a conference in the Netherlands, and it was packed with the most talented artists from all over the world, from across the world.

    The main reason was to present a conference paper, which was very popular at the time.

    But then, in the middle of the presentation, I asked the presenter about his process for creating art.

    He told me, as an artist, “you start with a blank canvas”.

    I remember thinking to myself, “why is he so adamant about this?”.

    I thought, “that’s not really fair to artists”.

    After a few minutes, I realised that he was not an artist at all.

    He had never even done a painting.

    I asked him what he thought he was doing when he created these drawings.

    He said he was “drawing the world”.

    But what is “drawling the world”?

    I’m going to go back to this drawing again, and explain that he meant to draw the world with his eyes, but that he couldn’t really draw the same thing with his brain.

    The idea that a person’s brain is able to create abstract art from the contents of their own mind, and is capable of abstract thought is very important.

    But what is the idea of abstract art?

    In a way, it’s a very old idea, from the Greeks and the Renaissance, that we’re supposed to have a vision of our world, a vision, a concept.

    But we don’t actually have that, because our brains don’t have a visual cortex that can actually process abstract art.

    And what makes the idea so difficult to conceptualise?

    It’s that our brain is constantly trying to solve problems in the real world, and in the world we are in, the solutions to those problems are often much more abstract.

    This is why, for example, if you have a problem, you can solve it by drawing a grid of lines on a black background.

    Or you can find a way to solve it with a pen, but then you have to start from scratch, which means you’re not really making progress.

    But if you put a black pen over a black piece of paper, it will make the lines on the black piece more obvious.

    The problem of how to solve the problem is the same problem of solving a problem in the abstract.

    The solution to the problem becomes the problem.

    Art is the art that makes that problem visible to the viewer.

    That’s why it’s so important to put the focus on what the artist is doing.

    So, if I’m an artist and I want to do something that’s not abstract, what do I do?

    Well, I think I could draw a picture, or I could use my imagination.

    I could paint something that I know I can understand.

    And that’s really good, because, as the artist says, “it’s always easier to understand than to do”.

    And that’s how art has evolved.

    The first abstract artists were really just drawing pictures.

    Art has evolved into a whole new field, where it’s much easier to create a painting than to draw a painting in your head.

    When I was a child, the first drawings that I did were of plants and birds.

    These were the early examples of what would become abstract art, a style of art that began in the 19th century and has since evolved to include all kinds of artists.

    And then, from there, the other artists that we think of as art were mostly artists from the 18th and 19th centuries.

    From the late 18th century onwards, we’ve also had artists from Germany, France, and other European countries.

    They were also artists, but they were not really artists.

    In fact, they were basically drawing things.

    If you go back, the 19.10s, and early 20s, the only people who really drew were artists from those countries.

    They were doing something called the “tolstoyan” (Tolstoyskaya Tolstoy) style of painting, which has become known as “Art Nouveau”.

    Tolostovsky’s “The Birth of Venus” is one of the first paintings to be painted by a person who was a


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