A few weeks ago, I was sitting at a conference table, listening to my friend speak about how her art therapy was helping her deal with her anxiety and depression.

    I thought I would share the information with her, and she said, “Oh, it’s great.

    I have to tell you this, though.

    You can’t just say that, because people will see it and think, ‘Oh, that’s just another piece of therapy.'”

    That was what prompted me to share this piece with her.

    But that’s not the only way to begin art therapy.

    As a therapist, you can also start your own art therapy program.

    I will go over these steps one by one, and I’ll tell you what they are.1.

    Create a schedule.

    I want you to begin your art therapy session by creating a schedule that you can commit to, and commit to yourself.

    When I was a child, my parents made sure that I read them every day and did my homework.

    I remember the days that I would just sit and read my books until the sun rose, and then I would get up and walk outside and I would play with my dog, and when I had a good nap, I would do my art therapy homework.

    Then, every morning, I’d go to my house, and my mom would come in and she’d say, “You’re going to do art therapy today, right?”

    And I would say, yes, she would.

    And then she’d ask, “Where is your work in the morning?”

    And if I answered yes to the question, I could go to bed.

    So, it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized that my mom was right.

    I would have to say, I do not have the time to do this work.

    And I’d have to be more careful with my schedule.2.

    Make it a goal.

    I wanted to start my art therapist program when I was 16 years old.

    But I could not have a schedule like that.

    I had to have an actual goal.

    So I created a calendar and said, I’m going to work on this art for six months.

    And that’s what I did for the first six months of my therapy program, and it was really effective.

    When you have a goal, it becomes an internal schedule, and that internal schedule becomes your calendar, and you don’t have to go out and do your art.

    You know, you’re not going to have your artist friend come to your house, you know?

    And you have an internal calendar.3.

    Create space.

    If you’re going through a mental illness, you may need to go outside and play with your dog, or take a walk.

    But if you have anxiety or depression, I want to talk about something else.

    And the idea of therapy is to be able to sit at home and talk to yourself in a normal way, and talk about it with someone who has the same issues you do.

    And if you want to learn more about art therapy, I recommend starting at least a few months of art therapy before you start therapy.4.

    Practice art therapy on yourself.

    I’ve been doing art therapy since I was 12 years old, and this is something I have always wanted to do.

    I started my art program when my therapist and I were doing art in our family’s studio.

    My mother used to tell me stories of people who would paint all day and come home to paint and read the next day, and they would be really happy, and really proud.

    And so I thought, what if I could practice art therapy with my friends and then do it with my own eyes?

    And I started to do my first art therapy sessions in my room in my bedroom, and so I did.

    And what I found was that, in art therapy we can practice a lot of different kinds of art, and we can also practice painting.

    And in painting, we can see our eyes and see our world.

    So the idea was that if you practice with other people, you are able to see how your eyes look when you are painting.

    So that was a big benefit of therapy.5.

    Create your own schedule.

    You don’t need to do the work yourself.

    The art therapist can help you get started.

    So when you first get the appointment, the art therapist will ask you, “Are you ready to start your art therapist art therapy?” and you’ll say, Yes.

    Then the therapist will begin a session.

    But in a way, you’ll see yourself in your room as you’re practicing.

    So you’ll know what the therapy is going to look like, and how you can get started, and the therapist can talk to you about your feelings, and about your art, so that you’ll feel comfortable going in and having a session with the therapist.6.

    Find a therapist who can help.

    You have a therapist you can trust.

    So if you need help with your art or you have


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