Phoenix Art Museums unveiled its first-ever iPad tablet Wednesday, but its chief executive isn’t happy with the device.

    Museum founder, Art Tablet founder and Phoebe Friesen says the tablet won’t be for the average museumgoer.

    It’s not going to be used by museumgoers, she said.

    The iPad doesn’t work well for museums, museums have been doing that for decades and we’re seeing more and more museums taking this tablet approach.

    Museums don’t need an iPad to run.

    They need to have a powerful, affordable tablet.

    Friesen said the tablet will be used primarily by museum staff, but will also be used to teach visitors about the museum.

    The museum will also incorporate the tablet into their online and mobile offerings.

    Frieden said her museum was one of the first museums to embrace an iPad, but she doesn’t think other museums will follow.

    Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker is also skeptical about the tablet’s potential.

    He said he would love to see other museums take a more mobile approach.

    Freed from the constraints of a traditional museum space, Baker said he believes that a tablet can be an essential part of museums’ future.

    The tablet is an exciting new tool for museums.

    I see it as a very disruptive and transformative innovation, he said.

    He is optimistic that museums will soon be able to leverage this technology to deliver a truly interactive experience.

    In addition to museums, the iPad will be available to schools.

    It will be offered through free tablet-friendly websites and online video courses.

    The iPad is priced at $199 and will be made by Apple, which has also created an iOS tablet for students.

    Apple has partnered with the museum, which also has its own iPad tablet.


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