On the opening day of the Art Gallery’s Dairy Queen of Australia exhibition, visitors are treated to a few surprises, with the world’s largest cheese grater on display and a stunning new model of a giant butter churn.

    With a full-scale replica of the iconic milk truck parked on the grounds of the Australian War Memorial, visitors can step inside the Australian Dairy Queen’s headquarters, complete with a full bar, cafe and kitchen, and feast on a range of dairy products.

    A fully-equipped dairy truck is also present, and is powered by two 20-megawatt diesel engines.

    While it’s a lot smaller than a standard milk truck, the truck is still a large, imposing piece of machinery.

    Inside, the Australian dairy Queen is not only equipped with a kitchen, a bar and a cafe, but also has a fully-staffed dairy herd, including a staff of over 300.

    The cows are housed in a giant barn and fed fresh, organic milk from local cows.

    “We are really proud of the work that the cows have done here, the way they have adapted to the conditions, the environment, and the challenges,” said Sarah White, director of the gallery.

    For this reason, she said the Australian milk company, which operates a 200,000-cow dairy in Western Australia, was happy to take on the responsibility of creating a model of the Dairy Queen for the show.

    Sarah White said the display is part of the exhibition’s global outreach.

    This is not just a model, it’s also a celebration of Australian dairy cows.

    Sarah White said it was a tribute to the dairy industry and a reflection of the importance of dairy for the Australian community.

    It’s really something for the whole community to see,” she said.

    Dairy queen of the future?

    The display will also highlight the dairy cow herd, which will be able to compete in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and provide the dairy farmer with an impressive display of their achievements.

    During the exhibition, dairy cows will be presented with some of the best cheese graters in the world, and can enjoy a tour of the dairy barn.

    Australian Dairy Queen director Sarah White says it is an incredible opportunity to showcase Australian cows.

    She said the dairy cows were brought together in such a way to be able create something so special.

    What you need to know about:Australian Dairy King of the Sea Australian dairy queen Sarah White and Australian dairy herd manager Simon Jones.

    Founded in 1890, the dairy has a workforce of about 300 cows.

    The dairy is the second largest producer in the country and the third largest dairy in Australia after the Great Australian Dairy.

    The Australian Dairy King is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere.

    ABC News contacted the Dairy King for comment and will update this story if we hear back.


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