As artists, we all love the joy of painting.

    But it’s not always about the artwork, it’s also about the story.

    For us, painting is not about the paint itself, but about the art of storytelling.

    And in the world of psychedelics, painting has always been part of the story and part of our lives.

    As a painter, I’m constantly drawn to stories about love, loss and the world.

    The art of story-telling is the art and story of art.

    We’re told about love in love, the world in the eyes of the wise, and the truth in the eye of the gullible.

    There’s so much to tell, and art is one of the best tools for telling it.

    The story of my art is also my story, and I’m trying to tell it as truthfully as I can.

    The story of the painting that I painted in my studio is a tale about two people: a man and a woman.

    One is an artist and one is a painter.

    One of the people in this painting is a young woman named Emma, who is now a painter in Sydney.

    Emma has been in a relationship with a man, a friend, for several years.

    She describes her relationship as a love affair, which sounds like a very strong statement.

    It sounds as if she’s saying she doesn’t feel she is truly in love with him.

    Emma and I are not a very happy couple.

    We are always together, but when she decides to leave him, she’s very clear she wants out.

    I feel terrible.

    She leaves us very clear on the fact that she doesn, in fact, love him.

    This is what I’m thinking when I’m sitting at the table with the painting, and Emma is the one who tells me that she’s done the painting and wants me to know this.

    So, how did I get this picture?

    I knew I had to get Emma to agree to this relationship.

    She doesn’t like being alone with another woman, so when I start to tell her the story, she gets a bit upset.

    I think this is why she was so angry about me.

    She knows I’m the one that painted the picture.

    But she’s a bit jealous of the other woman.

    I’m also quite annoyed that I didn’t tell her about the painting when I took it.

    I thought she would feel so strongly about it, and she would then feel the same way about it later.

    I mean, what did I do wrong?

    I shouldn’t have painted her?

    But, of course, this is the point where Emma gets very upset, and says, I don’t like this painting.

    I don- I didn- I don-‘t like it.

    This was the first time I’d ever heard Emma say that about anything, and it’s really the first I’ve heard Emma use the word “dear”.

    This is a very emotional moment.

    This whole situation has been very upsetting for Emma, and for me, too.

    I’ve never experienced something like this.

    It’s very traumatic.

    She’s very upset about this, and so I say to her, you know, Emma, we’ve been doing this for quite some time.

    And she says, oh, that’s really lovely.

    And I think she feels she’s just been betrayed by me.

    So then, I start crying and crying, and then she starts to cry too.

    It was really sad.

    It felt like she was being betrayed.

    I knew Emma would never agree to it, but it was something that Emma had always wanted, and now it had become a reality.

    And then she’s upset and it just seems so unfair.

    She says, you’re not really that beautiful, and you’re only good for making me feel bad.

    It doesn’t seem fair to me.

    It feels like we’re not going to get to say goodbye.

    It looks like she’s getting a bit emotional.

    I said to her: well, what can I do for you, Emma?

    She said, well, I think I’d like to paint a little portrait.

    I’d love to take it out in the open, so that you could see it from every angle, and look into every eye.

    So we start talking about how we’d like it to look, and that’s when she says: well what about you?

    So I paint a portrait of Emma in the mirror, and after a few moments, she says- well, we’re gonna take that out in front of everybody.

    I remember feeling very relieved, because this was the most important thing.

    So now she’s painting a portrait, but she’s not painting the actual painting.

    She paints a picture.

    It says something about her character, her relationship with me.

    This really is a story.

    It shows her relationship to me, and gives a sense of what kind of person she really is.

    And it also gives a great picture of the relationship.

    So I’m really happy about that.

    But then she says to me- well


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